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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. 05/Oct2018

    Arabic Dresses in Dubai

    Dress is a garment of a skirt with an attached bodice. Its consists of a top piece that covers the torso and hangs down over the legs. A dress can be any one piece garments containing a skirt of any length. Dresses can be formal or informal. In many cultures, dresses are more often worn by women and girls.

    In most varieties of formal dress in Arab cultures, a dress of an appropriate styles is mandatory for women. They are also very popular for special occasions such as proms or weddings. For such occasions they, together with blouse and skirt, remain the defacto standard attire for many girls and women.

    The Middle East is a variegated and colorful universe when it comes to clothes and dress for both men and women. It is a complex reality where local tradition and Western Fashion mix. While the latter has deeply influenced Arab countries, it is still possible to spot some traditional garments worn in different countries, starting from Morocco down to Oman and understand how the concept of modest dress drastically changes from one country to another with in the region. Finally you will have the opportunity to test how much you remember about Arab dress with a quick quiz.

    The Arab dress is a symbol of pride and identity that has been designed with the dual intent of providing comfort and adhering to religious beliefs. In Dubai and Saudi Arab, men wear an ankle length loose fitting garment made of white cotton, known as a Kandora or Dishdasha. A ghutra covers the head and is held in place by the agal, a black cord. Traditionally, women in Arab and Dubai wear an abaya- a long, black flowing light coat over their clothing. This is women over their western cloths or a traditional long sleeved full length dress known as a Jalabeya. A black scarf called a Shayla is draped over the head.